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C’mon ‘N Ride The Train, The iPad Train!

Posted Jun 20 2012 10:30am

The Quad City DJs song (C’mon ‘N Ride It) has been playing through my head this week, specifically the chorus that says “C’mon ‘n ride the train!” because I’ve been feeling the need to get an iPad for my clinical work for the past few months.

I’m on the iPad train now!

While I was on vacation, I received an e-mail from my local Fox affiliate stating that I had won their Great Big Giveaway! The prize? An iPad, a gift certificate to a local clothing boutique, and a gift certificate to a local jeweler!

I have only had the iPad for a week, and already it has been an amazing addition to my practice!

Some favorite applications thus far:

Musical Bubbles - great for fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, attention span, and sensory stimulation.

Loopseque - another good app for fine motor skills, expression, sequencing, and teamwork!

Air Harp - Fine motor and sequencing!

DumTek - Gross motor, sequencing, attention span, and emotional expression and recognition when we all make mistakes.

I’ve only brushed the surface of the applications I plan on using! What are some of your favorites?

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