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Bulls buziol Claudio first half score 14 points

Posted Jan 10 2013 7:10am
Bulls buziol Claudio first half score 14 points, and Robinson's 13 points, Marco belineli 7 points; bucks yiyasuowa be 11 minutes, Jennings get a score of 10, Alice and Stephane Udry 8 points.Jennings rate even after 6 section III began, bucks to narrow the gap to 1.Play 3 Tang success, Jennings hit two three, one run 8 min, this section has 6 bucks to 64-62 when one minutes 40 seconds 2.NOAA jumpjordan retro 5 uk   shot hit flat, Jennings keep feeling even into two three, one round per cent of small climax for bucks to 8-0 lead.The bulls even after the 4 min Mike Dunleavy SR. return three points, both Jennings, Bucks pulled to 9 points advantage.Buziol Claudio even made 12-4 back to 5 points each team put an end to this section, when bulls in three wars to 80-81 backward 1 minute.

Shang one playing rocket, Bryant in most time within are playing was very reasonable, has been uses own of contain force for outside of teammate created opportunities, House accumulation has 7 times assists, but this does not can from fundamental reverse Lakers of declining, they also is lost has rocket, and to has key of fourth section, Bryant of feel and poor, single section hand 8 times, onlyjordan retro 6 sale hit 2 ball, and appears 3 times errors (House 5 times).Entering today's game, Bryant of attacking desire become more expensive, he was eager to lead the team out of the struggle.But his feel seems to be not too good today, opening shot Trey, but does not hit, then shot twice in a row does not.In fact, the whole first section, Bryant shot 5 times, hit only 1 ball-4 shooting before, also subjected to Philippe Leonard of wrath cover.

NBA today game in the West, xinaoerlianghuangfeng at home, engaged the rockets had 5 in a row.Final height of the section fourth, a wave of attacks, the Lakers opponents have made 3 consecutive victories was reversed.His bushy eyebrows flare and Anthony Davis-this game to play 19 minutes to win 6-3 rebounds and 3 steals.Beat the Spurs before the game, Davis defended the team's contribution is very large, new champion very well contain the old champion Duncan played 16 years ago.Run and gun is good at rocket today, Davis is still starting from the defense to the team to help, game steals the Parsons, and wasikuisi, with the fight back to win after two minutes, his bushy eyebrows flare was removed, because the long-term effect of injuries, like sprains ankle 3 times for 4 days this thing really makes the team feel a headache.

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