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Bryant played in pre-season with the Warriors inside 18 minutes during his professional career insignificant

Posted Oct 09 2012 2:04am
Bryant played in pre-season with the Warriors inside 18 minutes during his professional career insignificant, but ESPN columnist Chris Bryant-palimi statistics, to date the total playing time: up to 42,377 minutes, palimi couldn't help but sigh in Twitter: Kobe really is iron man!Palimi said that Bryant was iron man, iron andnike air more uptempo for sale   certainly not beat the iron!42,377 minutes, average about 35 minutes per game, 16 NBA (micro-blogging) career, Bryant is true of almost every season.Bryant played for the longest time was 2002-03 season, when Bryant's play 41.5 minutes.Apart from two season just before entering the Union, Bryant played the shortest time occurs in the 2010-11 season, however is the shortest appearances, has reached every play 33.9 minutes.

Palimi-Ray Allen was also pulled out to compare, "Bryant career at 16,-Ray Allen had only 4 minutes, but more often than mine-Allen 6,543 points."Is worthy of attention, Bryant 16-year career, rarely absent.This requires a great deal of courage and fortitude of character.Would anyone guilty of gastroenteritis, and beforekobe bryant shoes for sale the game when vomiting continues to play?Who will be in concussion and nose were broken case over?Who can finger the season injured, also over FireWire and eventually win?Michael Jordan had done similar things, James in finals games with the Thunder last season had done similar things.But if Bryant had before the injury list, can really make a lot of people are surprised.

After you pick a fast fleet fans have not dispersed, but began to surge, because in a heat team arrived at Beijing Capital International Airport.Some fans carrying posters, some fans directly replaced by James, Dwyane Wade jerseys, this equipment is to glimpse stars, as well as expressing love of the team.Reporters interviewed one of the fans, she told reporters that these fans have a local, and there are many around in the field, is the closest look at the big three.Soon, a group of fans opened their own banners, some fans took out stickers to put on the face, until you look closely to know NBA All-Star Dwyane Wade turned out to be a year of stickers pasted on the face, "sticker where Ah?"The reporter asked," homemade chanting was done for Wade."The fans answered.Fans get together and shouted "MVP Wade" slogan did not gather together in a moment.Some fans also falls people formed a human ladder, is able to see clearly.

First thing come out from the inside is Wade, fans shouted his name, 14-hour long journey had not caused him any weariness, also wore a bright eyes t-shirt reads "fan service" message, really intimate.James then strode out, spit and tongue and Chalmers, on the bus, immediately followed by the Pos and Shane battier, glad Shane battier and fans greeted one by one, juwan-Howard is the most lovely, some fans shouted, tert-butylphenol!Uncle!Do not know if this nickname is understood Howard is a kind of mood.As the players into the bus, fans rushed to the glass door, held up welcome banners, James and Wade were also waved to fans on the bus, two NBA China game team have all arrived in China, is ready to begin their tour of China, began on October 11 at the MasterCard Centre of China will definitely allow the fans to see them all.
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