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Brian Deer: Portrait of a Narcissist

Posted Jul 28 2010 12:00am

Narcissist By Jake Crosby

Conflicted “journalist” Brian Deer’s website is perhaps one of the biggest resources of disinformation on the internet. Even worse, there is likely no better example of one man’s online shrine to himself than – a cesspool of self-adulation. Nothing quite sums this up better than a particular webpage that reads “Brian’s pictures” at the bottom of the homepage. You’d think it would be the many different photos of news events from his journalistic exploits, but a click of the mouse shows that it is in fact – literally – all him. See for yourself (WARNING, MAY INDUCE NAUSEA):

(CLICK HERE)  UPDATE: The link no longer goes to the portrait gallery. Below is what the link looked like earlier today. Click the photo to enlarge.

BD Site

From birth till present, Brian Deer graces us with his portrait. Starved for attention, Brian Deer knew how to get it – by targeting Dr. Andrew Wakefield.

Jake Crosby is a college student with Asperger Syndrome at Brandeis University who is double majoring in History and Health: Science, Society and Policy.

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