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Break has finally arrived!

Posted Apr 10 2010 1:57pm
I haven't posted about our weekly wrap ups in a couple of weeks. I won't bore you with all the silly details. Instead, we'll jump to the exciting news. Our first break has arrived!

At the beginning of the year, I decided to break up our year in a different pattern. We start a new homeschool year in January. Our actual year runs from January to the Monday prior to Thanksgiving. This works for our family. What I changed was breaking it up into 3 terms. Jan- March, May- July , Sept-November. This gives us time off every 3 months. The theory is that we won't always be playing catch up as we have a month in between terms to get caught up. Also, I want to start doing end of term exams with the children.

Term 1 has ended. We are behind but I am not going to force us to catch up. A break to do some fun field trips and wrap up winter/spring activities. A break for me to assess what worked and what didn't and adjust our term 2 schedule. We begin again on May 3rd.


We stopped at the end of Deuteronomy. I have a great workbook that I am going to have Logan do for Joshua as we begin to increase his writing in anticipation of high school work.



We have not finished the Roman Empire but we are done. Both kids have a great general knowledge of ancient Greece and Rome. That is all they need right now since we will do it again in 3 years. It's time to move on.


Again, we did not finish but we are done. Astronomy has been interesting and both children have a great core knowledge of it. The children have recently discovered gardening and are totally in love with it. I would be stupid not to capitalize on that and do botany right now.


We are reading Double Fudge. Not because we have to but because the children want to. There is no better feeling than everyone interested in the same book and looking forward to reading it.


Both children are still in their Singapore math books. It is my fault as I ordered them really late. I am really trying to remember that I need to work in their zone and not race them through the book just for the sake of doing it. I may need talking off the ledge soon. :)


Both children did not finish their Psalms. But I still consider this a success. Logan can spell many new words and Madison can too. They can say the Psalm from memory. Their handwriting is superb. Time to move on and not require perfection.


Our garden is looking good. We have enjoyed getting out to see the orange blossoms. Logan and I were blessed to see a male and female cardinals in our backyard this week. Fun!

Visit Kris over at www.weirdunsocializedhomeschoolers to see more weekly wrap ups.
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