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Breadcrumbs, anyone?

Posted Apr 11 2009 12:58am

Perhaps it was the Champagne Mimosa, or the fact that Santa brought The Prince “Ratatouille” for Christmas, but on New Year’s Day, I decided to try to make GFCF French Bread. Don’t ask me why. It didn’t work.

I used a recipe from the Pamela’s Products website, which are usually terrific. The dough looked wonderful when it rose, it made two very cute baguettes. They seemed to bake nicely too. However, the inside was, um, not up to Francophile standards. It was hard as a rock, yet somehow, doughy too. Rather hard to describe. I think the problem was the molasses and that it had no eggs. If I get brave, I’ll try it again with sugar instead of molasses and maybe add an egg. I also compared Pamela’s recipe to Bette Hagman’s recipe, and Bette’s was pretty different.

Alas, like many GFCF failures, I toasted a few pieces to save for breadcrumbs. But two baguettes are too much for breadcrumbs, so I shared it with our neighbors, the Muscovy ducks. We live on a lake and in South Florida, these ducks are everywhere. They have no natural predators, except perhaps the occasional alligator! Ours are kind of like pets, and well-fed too. I bet they are the only GFCF, free-range ducks in the area!
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