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Brain Injury Services and Autism

Posted Jun 17 2011 10:30am
Isaac had a brain injury from his vaccines, and while I don't want to sue...(the time has passed for compensation anyway) I do want him to have rehabilitation.

Isaac also has Autism. I have run into an area where NO doctor is willing to say that he did have Brain injury from Vaccines. They are all too scared. I see myself walking away from those doctors. They don't have much to offer.

So I have gone down another road besides Autism. I have started to research Brain Injury Services for my state. I contacted a non profit that deals with Brain Injury. They actually work as case managers, which is something I really need for Isaac.

I want to have professionals that are organized helping me in the helping of my son. If it costs something that is typically outrageous...I want even go there. If its free or reduced in price I will take a look, and research more.

Take Chamber of Hope for Instance. I liked them. They helped Isaac very much and I would love to go back. But I can't. Too many obstacles in the way, and too many things are going to be happening in August.

So I am looking into renting an HBOT. I want to place it in my home so that Isaac can get 1 1/2 hours a day for 7 days in a row- 30 days straight. I think this is the best option for him, as I have done my research, and feel like this would be the best thing for him. The price is about 3,000. While its not is feasible, with grant money. I will be applying for grants for him for this area.

Isaac came back from Florida, jabbering..he was babbling. But a month later, he was silent again. While it did last for a month, he quickly lost it. What went wrong, what didn't stick?
I think that the break in the weekend is something that I don't want to happen. Its like starting over again on Monday, from Friday. I really don't like the break that much.

So HBOT at home is another pursuit, but it will be quite daunting since the cost is about the same as a brand new nice small car. They are around 16,000 dollars.

HBOT has been used for many ailments, including Brain Injury.

Into Brain Injury- the whole reason why I posted this. So on Thursday this next week, I am meeting with a lady who is going to evaluate Isaac, and go over all his medical history and such. I am hoping that she has some services available that I haven't heard of, or knows of just what medicaid will pay for when t comes to brain injury, and Autism.

So I will be going to the Brain Injury Services of Virginia, which is about 20 minutes away. Crazy since its in the same building as the health department...where we went when he was a baby, and he was having the vaccine reactions that we didn't see.
 They didn't happen because of the the health department but because the stupid tech thought it would be okay to give  him his 21 months shots at the same time as  his 15-28 month shots.

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