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Brain cell creation may lead to Alzheimer’s and autism cures

Posted Mar 01 2012 1:58pm

16 Feb 2012 1 Comment

by cheryl in Genetics, In The News, New Research and Science, Studies Tags: , , , , , , ,

Brain cell creation may lead to Alzheimer’s and autism cures | Science updates | — Your State. Your News.

I’ve always found this kind of thing fascinating. While I’m not at all impressed with the never-ending quest for genes (c’mon, there have now been over 40 genes identified; how many genes do we need to identify before we wonder if it’s really genes?) This is the best we’ll get out of the whole gene theory–which just brings it all back to being triggered by the environment, I might add. Gasp! Whodathunk it?

Regeneration, on the other hand, that’s another ball of wax altogether and brings out my Whovian fangirl. This is what science is about. This is what medicine should be about. Real research that produces real results. These are the things that bring us closer to understanding at least the one thing we do know about autism – many of those with ASD have structurally different brains.

Get scientists studying the right things. Metabolism, immune system and brains. Get out of the genes because it’s a dead-end.


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