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Boo Who?

Posted Oct 11 2011 1:52pm

Feeling the Halloween spirit today, and I was asking the kidlets what they wanted to “be” for Halloween.

What’s with the gore this year buddies? Call me overprotective, but I don’t think an 8 year-old should be Freddy Krueger. Isn’t there some rule about not dressing your children in costumes that would actually scare the mother? Thanks to the school no weapons or masks. Whew, got me out of that one.  I’m drawing the line at skeletons, zombies, and vampires. . .take your pick.

Alex, on the other hand, didn’t know what he wants to be. I suspect he wants to be a Pokemon character, but it’s so hard for him to commit. I remember a few years ago taking him trick-or-treating. An innocent neighbor-warewolf child jumped out at him and nearly gave him a heart attack. That was pretty-much the end for him as far as walking around the neighborhood.

I see his point when you realize that no amount of candy is worth a kiddie heart attack. Especially when his mother (that would be me) will usually hand him chocolate upon request. Bless his little heart. . .attack. . .

 Anywho, I came accross this awesome article about Halloween and kids with autism. I wanted to share it with you. Thanks mucho to Autism Support Network.










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