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Posted Nov 10 2008 5:54pm
Okay, I log onto my computer, like I do every morning while waiting for Kiernan's very early bus. There, on the computer, was a story about how researcher's at the University of Washington are saying children who live in areas with larger precipitation than normal have a greater chance of having Autism.

As you read further into the story, the researcher's explain that it is not the snow or rain causing the Autism, but it is the fact the children are inside longer than those of us who get to experience nicer weather conditions. Therefore, the children are exposed to the toxins in the home and the television.

I have been the mother of a child(ren) with Autism for over 17 years. I have been told that autism is caused by "cold" mothers, old fathers, vaccines, genes, immune deficiencies, televisions, too much coffee, drugs taken as a youth, and on and on and on. Can we not just
admit to the fact that Autism has been around forever. That we are now intelligent enough to decifer what Autism really is?

I finished reading Dr. Paul Offit's book "Autism's False Prophets", I have come to a better understanding about vaccines and Autism.

I would like to thank the good doctor for calling me back. As far as he knew, I was just another ranting "Anti-vaxxer", "Biomed Mama" who was calling to rake him over the coals. I assured him I wasn't.

I had some questions as I read the book and a very nice, calm, gentle-voiced man answered the questions for me...without making me feel stupid. Thank You.

I do not know what causes Autism. I know how to help my children with Autism. The choices we have made in our home have proven to be very helpful.

I do know that there is no cure for Autism. Autism is not curable, no matter what Ms. McCarthy or any DAN! doctor will tell you.

When you get the diagnosis for Autism, it is based on behaviors....not gut disorders. If you have healed your child's gut issues and they become more responsive and attentive, then you have cured your child's gut disorder. If your child loses their "Autism" label from "healing the gut", then your child was never autistic to begin with, and the doctor ? who labeled your child labeled them incorrectly.

When our oldest was labeled Autistic over 15 years ago, we had to have several consultations with the Neurologist. He would not label Caitlin Autistic until he was absolutely sure this is what she had...Autism. Once the label is placed upon your child, no matter what, they will always have the label of Autism.

You can chelate, biomedicate, reoxiginate (my word, don't get excited), and deyeast all you the end, if your child has a true label of Autism, Autistic is what your child will be.

In Dr. Offit's book, Dr. Offit was very generous in his descriptions of the "false prophets". I was really hoping he would paint an uglier picture of the people who prey upon the parent's of Autistic children, but he told the truth about what these people really are and where they came from. I truly am glad there is a book out now that shows the medical side to vaccinations and not all of the "hype" that we have been exposed to by shoddy journalists, corrupt politicians and really bad actresses.

I read every book that comes out about Autism. I read every book there is to read about vaccinations. I too, have fallen prey to the propoganda that is in most of these books. After 15 years, and with a much clearer head, I can now say "I am free" from the lies about Autism and because of this, my children are much better for it.

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