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Birth Dose Hepatitis B Vaccine Study

Posted Oct 07 2009 12:00am

Neurotoxicology Click HERE to read the study Delayed Acquisition of Neonatal Reflexes in Newborn Primates Receiving a Thimerosal-containing Hepatitis B Vaccine: Influence of Gestational Age and Birth Weight in .PDF form in the journal, NeuroToxicology.

Read an analysis of the study by Mark Blaxill in his Age of Autism post, Blockbuster primate study shows significant harm from one birth dose of a mercury-containing vaccine.


This study examined whether acquisition of neonatal reflexes and sensorimotor skills in newborn rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta) is influenced by receipt of the single neonatal dose of Hepatitis B (HB) vaccine containing the preservative thimerosal (Th). HB vaccine containing a standardized weight-adjusted Th dose was administered to male macaques within 24 hours of birth (n = 13). Unexposed animals received saline placebo (n = 4) or no injection (n = 3). Infants were raised identically and tested daily for acquisition of 9 survival, motor, and sensorimotor reflexes by a blinded observer. In exposed animals there was a significant delay in the acquisition of three survival reflexes: root, snout and suck, compared with unexposed animals. No neonatal responses were significantly delayed in unexposed animals compared with exposed.

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