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Big Boy Haircut and a Big Boy Bed!

Posted Nov 10 2008 4:05pm

New big boy bed, new haircut

What can I say, it was time for both. Since Keaton is our last baby I think I was holding on to his babyhood as long as I could. He could have been in a bed last year with no problems. I held out as long as I could. So on Saturday we took him over to Ikea and let him pick his bed. Its half way between a toddler bed and a twin. Keaton loves it. He gets so excited to go to sleep. He spent yesterday just reading books with Gavin laying in bed. We also bought Keaton a dresser because it was getting so cramped having both the boys share Gavin’s. Because his clothes were in Gavin’s dresser we also had his clothes in Gavin’s closet to make it easier. Last night I moved all of Keaton’s clothes over to his closet and new dresser. Its so much more organized!

New big boy room

And well his hair, yeah his hair needed to go. It was always in his eyes and everyone always thought he was a she. It was just getting old! John finally agreed to let me cut it (I think he was living out his dream of a beautiful head of hair through Keats). He looks adorable,  and a little like Dennis the Menace now.

New haircut

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