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Being Prepared

Posted Dec 29 2009 12:00am
I am not an "end of the world as we know it" died in the wool survivalist inspite of owning a 4WD, but a number of events over the past year or so have shown up the need to be prepared.

Firstly I had to evacuate after a fire, and did not take a lot with me, I was not much better prepared the second time either when I left altogether quicker than the first time forgetting my keys to let me back in again when it was all clear.

I now have a fire evacuation bag packed with the most essential things packed, including spare keys. It contains insurance documents, cheque book, essential clothing and all those essentials I would otherwise have to buy, and what is in it is not based on any hypothetical shit hits the fan list, but on what I had to buy last time.

I could if I had to, leave my flat naked like Archimedes straight out of the bath, grab the bag which is always by the door, and be able to make myself decent in the meantime from the contents of the bag.

However my more recent emergency showed me that is not preparedness enough, because I was faced with a different kind of emergency where taking that amount of junk was simply not appropriate. So I have resolved to pack a hospital emergency bag now, which contains the basics you need for a short stay in hospital, pajamas, slippers, clean underwear (yes I know - as your mother always told you - you are supposed to be wearing it, but you will need a change) basic wash kit, and a cheap novel aswell.

Apart from that long experience has taught me to be prepared for other emergencies such as power outages, Having grown up in an era which included the miners strike and the three day week, I always have a supply of candles, hurricane lamps and fuel, and camping stove. I actually have more than this in that I have my usual camping gear as well which includes chemical toilet, 12v gel battery, lamps and solar panel.

I have to admit however I don't yet have any defense against the proverbial Zombie attack, that is something I shall have to work on :)
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