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balls !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted Feb 08 2010 6:18am

Monday, February 8, 2010

Ok I’ve been thinking about this for such a long time

Why do men scratch their balls??????

What is it; you don’t see women scratch their left tit first thing in the morning, so why do men have a scratch first thing; not all and not every morning but they do it, their famous for it.

Now this is an odd blog I will admit but it’s a topic I’ve wondered about for a very long long time.

Ok I’ll explain

I had a 3D scan done on Luca when I was 20 months pregnant. I was told on the way to hospital to drink a cold fizzy drink. This was to make sure baby was awake and moving for the scan. As I was addicted to Lucozade orange at the time, this was not a problem for me at all.

When I got on the bed and the cold yucky gel was put on my tummy I saw my baby (Luca) but he was fast asleep (nothing new there so). The nurse laughed and said, we’ll have to wake the baby up, now I had no idea what sex he was but I had suspicions he was a boy.

She wiggled my tummy, (so cute as you can see him wiggling inside on the huge plasma screen in front of me) Ok eeeeerie I must admit but one eye opened, and this arm like figure went down to his balls and he scratched. I swear to god, this happened, (I have the evidence somewhere in my attic, I will try find it and find a way to put on web) and all I could do was say IT’S A BOY. And sure enough she said, yep, it’s a boy. The room was in hysterics of laughter, god love the people outside, they must have taught we where all mad. The sonographer asked if she could make her own copy of our DVD and keep a picture of Luca’s eye open for her records. We said yes of Corse and she gave us extra pictures and extra footage of the DVD as a thank you.

So my question, why do they do it? It is obviously a trait way before birth. I would never in my life have imagined a baby would do such a thing from the womb.

This also explains the child who tugs lol.

You know the child who likes to pull down his nappy and have a good tug, or the child in the bath who tugs away to his hearts content, much to the horrified onlooker (or trying not to look), yuck.

Luca is a tugger. From the time he was conceived and developed enough, he tugged. When he was born, nappy off, tug tug. I was quite disturbed by this as my newborn was tugging on his willy every time I changed his nappy, (lets just say he may have had hand eye co ordination difficulties, but he sure didn’t have hand – ball co ordination difficulties) and to this day he tugs away, stretches, pulls, ooooh seriously yuck, so yes he will obviously be one of those nut scratching men

Now I’m also one of those mothers that respect’s the fact that as I don’t have one to scratch, (well not on my body anyway: P) I then have no business telling my son that he can’t play and scratch with his. But I do have to teach him that there is a time and a place.

He is at present starting potty training, and I will have this issue pop up (pardon the pun) every day until I can try find a solution to it. The problem, he is classic autistic with no speech and major communication difficulties.

Anyone any suggestions, answers on a post card please LOL
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