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autistic man hits baby

Posted Apr 09 2009 7:16pm
Yet another story that I am surprised that Estee Klar-Wolfhond will not blog about in her joy of autism blog. A story about a man with autism hitting a baby. The 28-year-old man hit the baby who was six months old and left a bruise on its head. When questioned, the man acknowledged that he needed help and hoped to get it. Yet, when asked why he hit the baby he exclaimed, "it was an accident, don't worry about it." Yet one has to wonder how a man could hit a 6 month old baby by accident.

The man's mother was shopping with her son in a K-mart in Wichita Kansas when this happened and says she cannot keep complete control of him and was worried about the baby being harmed. Apparently the baby had a bruise and other than that was not seriously harmed. She states that he has harmed children before.

The mother acknowledged that her son did not get much help growing up. Naturally this lead to an autism expert claiming that autistics do these things because they don't get early intervention, using this tragedy as an opportunity to get behind the figurative bully pulpit and preach the mantra of early intervention being some sort of solution to the problems of autistics. This was followed by a shameless plug for this autism expert's special education school in Wichita. Of course, there is no proof any intervention in this man's childhood would have curbed his violent tendencies.

The baby's mother contacted a prosecutor in the Wichita city attorney's office. She was told charges would not be pressed against the man because of his inability to know right from wrong.

The boy's mother has asked for possible solutions to her son's problem with hitting children. She stated in the article, "what am I supposed to do, lock him up, shoot him? I wish society would give me an answer." I wonder if anyone from the neurodiversity movement could give the mother an answer, since they seem to believe autism needs to be accepted rather than cured or prevented. They don't want autism speaks to fund science that would find a cure or even better treatments for someone like this, or find a way to prevent the man from becoming autistic in the first place.

Chaotic idealism would just state that the mother needs to write a post on wrongplanet or aspies for freedom and one of the experts at either of these two pristine web sites would offer her a solution.

Ari Neeman would just say that being anti-cure is not being anti-progress and not to worry.

Somehow I wonder if either of these solutions would cut it or if someone from the ND movement has some answer that would help this man and his mother. Or do they still want to say this behavior should be accepted and not be cured or prevented?

Also, I am waiting for all of these exploitive special educators to offer proof that their schools and interventions would prevent something like this from happening.
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