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AutismOne SoCal at Health Freedom Expo: The Exciting New Autism Event of Southern California

Posted Jan 01 2012 12:00am

Register AutismOne is excited to team up with the leaders of the Health Freedom Expo community to present engaging and important speakers/lectures/panels. Dan Olmsted of Age of Autism will lecture and lead a rousing panel covering "Malfeasance in the Media"; Tim Bolen of The Bolen Report officiates the "Vaccine Politics" panel; and, of course, biomed lectures like Dr. Jerry Kartzinel's "Mending Autism: Comorbid Biological Conditions and Moving Toward Recovery" help parents move their children forward. AutismOne Chicago keynote Dr. David Lewis also joins us at the Health Freedom Expo in Long Beach with his stellar presentation "Institutional Research Misconduct: The Autism Researcher's Worst Nightmare." With 3 days of biomed, advocacy, and education lectures and panels, AutismOne SoCal at Health Freedom Expo brings together the leaders in the autism and health freedom movements, giving you the straight answers so that you can be the most effective advocate for your child. To register for March 2-4 in Long Beach: . To register for May 23-27 in Chicago: .

Friday, March 2

Janet Levatin, MD -- The Changing Face of Pediatrics:  Autism and Chronic Disease

John Hicks, MD, and Betsy Hicks -- A Gut Feeling about Autism, Nutrition, and the Brain

Nancy Mullan, MD -- The Single Most Important Biochemical Molecule in Treating ASD

Panel -- Malfeasance in the Media (led by Dan Olmsted of Age of Autism)

Andrew Wakefield, MBBS -- Vaccine Wars. Exposing iatrogenic injury: Into the playoffs.

David Lewis, PhD -- Institutional Research Misconduct: The Autism Researcher's Worst Nightmare

Mary Holland, Esq. -- What’s Law Got to Do With It?: The U.S. Vaccine Program and the Autism Epidemic


Saturday, March 3

Jerry Kartzinel, MD -- Mending Autism: Comorbid Biological Conditions and Moving Toward Recovery

Shawn Centers, DO -- Healing the Whole Child: Osteopathy, Birth Trauma, Natural Medicines, and Autism

Dan Olmsted -- Malfeasance in the Media

Mary Jo Lang, PhD, RN -- How ASD Health Issues Affect Education/Behavioral Needs at School

Karen Kain -- Lorrin's World:  What You Need to Know about Vaccine Injury

Mark Geier, MD, PhD, and David Geier -- The Biological Basis of Autism: Causation and Treatment


Sunday, March 4

Cindy Griffin, DSH-P, DIHom -- Autism myths and realities: Health freedom hanging in the balance

Michael Montico, MD -- The Vicious Cycles of Autism: A Functional Approach

Panel -- Vaccine Politics (led by Tim Bolen of The Bolen Report)

Rev. Lisa Sykes -- Wesley’s Story:  Hurt and Healing after Mercury-containing Vaccines

Brian Hooker, PhD, PE -- How Free is FOIA?




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