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Autism will be celebrated by Ari Ne'eman and other neurodiversity extremists

Posted Jun 05 2011 12:00am
I see there is going to be a new event this august featuring Ari Ne'eman as the keynote speaker in which autism will be celebrated. It will be held in Syracuse, New York, home to Jim Sinclair, one of the founders of the ND movement. This event is apparently an appetizer to that unsavory conclave of neurodiversity hatemongers, autreat, which will be held in Pennsylvania the following week.

The event starts out with the definition of neurodiversity: Neurodiversity is a concept and social movement that advocates for viewing autism as a variation of human wiring, rather than a disease. Other than using the word disease rather than disability, this unabashed definition is actually close to what neurodiversity is about, rather than what other disingenuous or confused persons try to present it as, such as a crusade for human rights. Of course, it is unclear what the difference is between disability and disease, except that neurodiversity proponents offer the social model of disability by claiming that autism would not be disabling if society accommodated those with autism or the mothers of persons with autism who wish a cure weren't such god awful ogres who taught their children to hate themselves or gave them self-fulfilling prophecies as some of the more unsavory characters in the ND movement assert. Of course, I still think Diane Sawyer's definition, a beautiful way of justifying heartbreak is as of yet the most spot on definition to date.

The description of the event goes on: neurodiversity activists reject the idea that autism should be cured, advocating instead for celebrating autistic forms of communication and self-expression,and for promoting support systems that allow autistic people to live as autistic people.

This is the type of stuff that is so insulting to those of us who suffer from this disability every day. I know this is a rehash of things I have said for years, but i get tired of reading this stuff. I remember how John Best would make angry rants when people would say that autism should be celebrated. Where here is another example of something that may cause Best to lose his temper.

These are the type of people that Obama and the senate and the rest of the government support, including the funding of neurodiversity rogue Morton Gernsbacher at taxpayer expense.

Hopefully the day will come when the end of autism and disability and disease can and will be celebrated.
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