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autism vs ADHD

Posted by judellj

I have a 9 yo that at 4 was diagnosed with Autism.  Since my ex and his wife has had him,(the last 2 to 3 years)  their dr's have changed the dx to ADHD.  How can a doctor determine the difference between the two diagnosis.  They just put him on Adderall.  Will that help him for Autism although he is prescribed it for ADHD.  I am worried about the mediction and also that he wont get the proper help if the dx is wrong. Is there a clear line between the two diagnosis.  Thanks,
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There isn't always a clear difference, particularly if your child is at the Asperger's end of the spectrum. I know my Aspie son was also prescribed several ADD medicines and they did not change his behaviors at all. However, some of the wraparound therapy can target the same behaviors, like the disorganization, like the learning to focus on what's going on around the child,  so as long as the child is still receiving additional therapy besides simply the medication, he's probably being helped with either diagnosis.
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