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Autism Speaks, You Can't Shut Us Up

Posted Nov 10 2008 5:54pm

So, word has it that you folks at Autism Speaks are up to your old tricks again, telling your lawyers to intimidate Internet companies into taking down criticism from autistic civil rights activists. Haven't you figured out yet that this tactic is going to explode in your face like Wile E. Coyote smoking a big fat Acme Cigar every time you try it? Didn't you learn your lesson earlier this year when you went after that 14-year-old autistic kid who built a (clearly legal) parody site?

I guess not. Looks like you're such lumbering dinosaurs that you still think the world revolves around the media elite and you can do whatever you want. That's a dangerous assumption, you know. Back in April, a very foolish anti-vaccine conspiracist lawyer by the name of Clifford Shoemaker thought he could use a bit of legal thuggery to silence Kathleen Seidel. I won't bother linking to any stories about what happened to him as a result of that. You can just google his name to find the heap of semi-digested bones that are all that's left after Blogzilla ate him.

You see, we're not just a ragtag band of rebels any more. Spartacus now has a huge army spread out all over the globe. When you take down one website, you'll find a hundred more the next day. When you stop production of one T-shirt, a thousand more will be designed in response. We grow new heads like the Hydra. You can't shut us up.

Oh, you haven't read enough history to know who Spartacus was? Maybe you've been too busy hosting lavish parties with your donors' money and bleating for sympathy because you don't have perfect status-symbol grandchildren? Uh-huh. Well, that's to your own misfortune.

Let me put it even more simply: You thought it would be a good idea to try to eradicate us. We are returning the favor.

Edit, June 28: After further discussion with Zach, who is the designer of the T-shirt at issue, Zazzle has agreed that it is fair use and is allowing Zach to sell a similar T-shirt on the site. A Zazzle manager indicated that Autism Speaks did not complain specifically about Zach's T-shirt but had complained more generally about merchandise containing its name.

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