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Autism? Should CNN Have Said Prime-time Television Tackles Aspergers not Autism?

Posted May 26 2010 6:41pm
I punched "autism" into the Twitter Search bar and one of the entries referenced a CNN Entertainment story titled " Prime-time television tackles autism ".  When I saw the headline I assumed that the story referenced Aspergers not Autistic Disorder and I was right.  In movies or television, fiction eg. Boston Legal, or news Aspergers is the face of Autism while severely disabled, including intellectually disabled, persons with Autistic Disorder remain safely hidden out of sight ... and out of mind.

And of course US President Barack Obama's administration has seen fit to place a very high functioning University student with Aspergers,  who does not view autism as a medical disability, and presumes to speak on behalf of those severely disabled by Autistic Disorder when he claims that "WE" do not want to be cured,  on a national disability council and on the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee. At the same time the good doctors in charge of the DSM-5 are busy converting the alleged autism spectrum of disorders from the original Autistic Disorder into one consistent with High Functioning Autism and Aspergers.

Yes, the final step on the exclusion of those with Autistic Disorder and Intellectual Disability, comprising 75-80% of those with the current Autistic Disorder diagnosis, from the Autism diagnostic category  is well under way. with the creation of the New Autism Spectrum Disorder in the DSM-5.   

When  the DSM-5 autism revisions, and exclusion of low functioning persons with Autistic Disorder,  are complete no one will notice. They will be too busy watching characters with Aspergers on re-runs of Boston Legal and Parenthood.
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