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Autism Recovery

Posted Jun 09 2009 9:33am
When my son was born, I was told he was a healthy little boy.
Then things changed between 8-12 months and he stopped babbling,
didn't talk, drooled excessively all the time, (even beyond a year old);
would not play appropriately with toys and had horrible melt downs
as if in pain, we didn't really know what to make of it.
At the age of 2 our son was diagnosed with Autism, Sensory
Integration Disorder, Severe Apraxia, Gastrointestinal &
Feeding Issues.  Our son Justin is 5 years old, still in diapers with
a weak immune system, he's sick almost weekly.  

The rate of Autistic children today has risen.  The number of researchers
in the medical community that are coming out with remarkable data on
Autism Recovery is of value to us.  The number of parents who are coming
forward-witness to their childs recovery first-hand fills our hearts with hope.  
I am hoping to embark on an amazing journey to help
our little boy get the treatment he needs in order to live a more healthier,
happier life.  Research has shown promising results to autistic children
who have undergone Biomedical Treatments along with the Hyperbaric
Oxygen Chamber Therapy.
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