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Autism Reads: From mainstream to moving out

Posted May 31 2008 12:00am

Education for Aspies and Auties

Sheila Schoonmaker, author of the Sheila Schoonmaker blog, writes about mainstreaming autistic students versus better education environments.

“Special needs classrooms are still in the mainstream environment. Those classrooms will not only never be built differently enough, they can never become customized for each Aspie student’s needs.”

She writes that there are Aspies who survive ‘mainstreaming’ but their education would’ve been superior if homeschooled or if in a school structured specifically to meet the needs of students with autism. However, many people believe that this would ‘spoil’ the child.

Okay then, how about if I throw some tropical fish into a tank that goldfish thrive fine in? Is having a special aquarium set up for tropical fish “spoiling” them if there are many more goldfish than tropical fish?”

Schoonmaker’s post made me stop and think.

My son is in an autism-inclusion program at his high school. While it’s the best school experience he’s had since kindergarten, the program is tailored to help the kids adjust to the neurotypical classroom setting. With the recent behaviors my son has exhibited, at this point education is not my son’s goal. I just want him to survive.That’s not exactly a free and appropriate education, now is it?

Read the full compelling post here.

Preparing for the future

Casdok, author of the Mother of Shrek blog, writes about preparing for her son’s steps into adulthood. For her son, C, this means moving to a new home.

Transition is hard for both mom and son. Casdok shares her range of emotions from hopeful to petrified.

She’s also responds to some comments she’s received by others:

“How do I feel? … Upset that some people feel I am now at the end of my parenting and can now get a life, or what’s the point of so much resources being put into a young man with Cs level of disability, and other such remarks.”

To read the full post, visit here.

Fancy footwork

The author of Facing Autism in New Brunswick writes about and posts photos of his son eating a pepper.

“I don’t know if peppers are part of an autism gfcf diet but Conor loves eating them and likes to show off some fancy footwork at the same time!”

The photos are charming. Check them out here.

To read more awesome posts by bloggers blogging for autism awareness, visit the Autism section here. To add autism related headlines to your blog, add this widget here.

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