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Autism Not Tied to Bowel Movement Patterns? What a Crock of...

Posted Jul 26 2009 12:00am

Toilet house Ginger Taylor from Adventures in Autism writes about a new study from Dr. Alan Emond in the UK titled, Autism Not Tied to Bowel Movement Patterns. "The bowel habits of young children with autistic spectrum disorder, in general, are no different from the rest of population," Emond told Reuters Health. Say what? Bowel habits are a huge part of our households, wouldn't you agree? (And don't you feel like you live in that giant toilet house?)

It seems in addition to studies telling us "we're under stress" people are funding studies to tell us what is NOT wrong with our kids. How does this benefit anyone with autism? Or was it just a way to take a swipe at Dr. Wakefield for his bowel/gut work and other hardworking docs like Tim Buie at Mass General in Boston?

Please read Ginger's post HERE and then send your story and perhaps test results and a photo of the poop problems your child has to Dr. Emond at

Be polite - the point is to educate the doctor, not harass him.

UPDATE:  Turns out this is likely not an innocent error by an earnest professor.  Not disclosed in the study or to the press is that Emond is a British vaccine official and was involved in the finding that Georgie Fisher's death following MMR was due to "natural causes". 

Additionally, the study was funded by the group that began the attack on Andrew Wakefield.  I should have just assumed that this study was bogus and done more research from the get go.

My thanks to Mark Hawking and John Stone for their important revelations.

Details on my blog.


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