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Autism, Cancer and AIDS

Posted Jun 01 2009 12:00am

Cutting room floor By Jake Crosby

In 2007, Paul Offit published a book dedicated to the life of Maurice Hilleman, who patented more vaccines than any other immunologist in medical history. The title of the book reads “Vaccinated: One Man’s Quest to Defeat the World’s Deadliest Diseases.” And yet, Hilleman himself said he brought what is arguably the world’s deadliest disease to the United States: the AIDS virus. This is the man responsible for most childhood vaccines today, including measles and mumps along with the Hib and Hep B shots that have contained thimerosal. For these alleged achievements, he is hailed as a hero by the medical establishment, but less-flattering historical facts about his experiments and those of other researchers have been swept under the rug.

There is ample evidence Hilleman imported AIDS, and from none other than the spoken words of Maurice Hilleman himself. While critics typically attribute his work to contributing to the autism epidemic, there is little acknowledgment of his role in the AIDS epidemic as well. The explanation for this might be because the primary evidence does not extend much further than a strange video posted on YouTube over a year ago (HERE). The video includes recorded dialogue purported to be an exchange between Maurice Hilleman and his interviewer, Harvard medical historian Prof. Edward Shorter. The description alongside the video says that the interview was cut from an 80’s documentary called “The Health Century.” It started off kind of slow, “I think vaccines are the bargain basement technology of the twentieth century,” says Hilleman. Soon into the video, the voice purported to be Hilleman, dropped a bomb. While talking about his importation of monkeys to the US for vaccine development, Hilleman at one point said he brought some African Green monkeys over from West Africa as advised by the director of the Washington DC zoo, Bill Mann. Then Hilleman said, “and I didn’t know I was importing AIDS virus at the time.” Shorter asked excitedly, “So it was you who brought AIDS into the country?!” Hilleman replied, “This is the real story.” In the background, someone can be heard saying, “What Merck won’t do to develop a vaccine…”

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