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Autism Blame From Refrigerator Moms to Stressed Out Moms and Dads

Posted Jun 01 2010 4:42pm
That deep well of autism knowledge, the New York Post, shouts the retro headline in tabloid size letters: The parental stress behind autism . Where once cold and distant mothers were blamed for causing their child's autism disorder now the blame is laid at the feet of both parents, stressed out moms and dads.  What would Bernard Rimland say? 

"Parents stressed out from hectic lives and neglected or volatile marriages are putting their kids' health at risk, too. Parental stress may be a major factor in many childhood problems, including even  autism  and asthma.

That's the conclusion of more than 20 separate studies, including several articles by the National Scientific Council for the Developing Child, a Harvard-based group of researchers from top universities: "The realization that stresses experienced by parents and other caregivers can affect a child's developing brain architecture and chemistry in a way that makes some children more susceptible to stress-related disorders later in life is startling news to most people."

Thank heavens they did the research and now all further autism causation research can be shut down and money saved.  It WAS those darn, evil parents of autistic children all along.  That 'll teach them for asking questions about autism and vaccine safety. 

Serves them right.

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