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Autism and vaccines, 911 truths and fluoridation

Posted Jun 08 2011 7:37pm

Yes, I’m ramping down on discussing Andrew Wakefield. Let this stand as an example why. He’s joined in with 911 truthers and anti-fluoridation advocates in a series of talks in Ireland. The talk is billed as “The Master Plan” and “The Hidden Agenda for Global Scientific Dictatorship”.

If Andrew Wakefield feels like he has any credibility left, why is he lending it to these groups?

For more information, check Seth Mnookin’s post . He’s pulled in some of the 911 truthers who want to discuss their points. I see parallels between the truthers on the net and the vaccine “skeptics” in how they respond.

  1. Neuroskeptic:
    Wait a's all starting to make sense! Just look at the periodic table - THEY'RE BOTH ON IT! F and Hg. and you can't spell Huge Fraud (vaccines) without those letters... ;)
  2. Jake Crosby:
  3. Lisa:
    oh my... hate to think we're spending time on this kind of thing when there are actual people with autism in the world... not to mention real diseases, floods, famines, volcanos and tornados... seems like there's enough REAL badness in the world to keep us busy.
  4. Autism Blog – Autism and vaccines, 911 truths and fluoridation … | My Autism Site | All About Autism:
    [...] More: Autism Blog – Autism and vaccines, 911 truths and fluoridation … [...]
  5. daedalus2u:
    I think you have Wakefield's motivation all wrong. He is trying to gain credibility by associating with these groups.

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