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Autism and Intellectual Disability: Yet Another Article Claiming Shakespeare Was Autistic While Ignoring Intellectually Disabled

Posted Dec 21 2009 4:21am
While the mainstream media and prominent on line sites ignore the existence of the 80% of persons with Autistic Disorder who are intellectually disabled they love to talk about how talented individuals and historical geniuses were autistic or displayed autistic traits.

In Research Reports Link Between Handwriting and Autism Digital Journal manages to reference actor Dan Akroyd along with talented historical figures including Shakespeare, Lewis Carroll and George Orwell as displaying autistic traits:

"Great writers such as Lewis Carroll and George Orwell were found to have characteristics now associated with autism yet had significant language abilities ... Autistic children often exhibit behaviors that other people might find curious or even alarming, however the young child flapping his hands today may be the century's next Shakespeare, as research has noted the discrete abilities exhibited by autistic children beyond fine motor skills. "

It makes for good copy to claim that Shakespeare, Carroll and Orwell were autistic.  Meanwhile there is no mention of the unknown autistic people living in institutions and residential care facilities  in states and provinces across North America and around the world.  The 80% of persons with Autistic Disorder and Intellectual Disabilities remain the Invisible Autistics.

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