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Autism Abuse in Iowa - 3 Hours in a Locked Room is Not a Time Out - It is Child Abuse

Posted Sep 12 2008 3:23am

Des Moines Register Image From Video of 8 Year Old Isabel Loeffler During "Time Out.

Here is a message for the clueless officials at an elementary school in Waukee Iowa - there is no such thing as a 3 hour "time out". Locking an autistic child in a room by herself for 3 hours even leaving her there after she wets herself is not a time out, it is not educating or helping the child, it is child abuse pure and simple.

Here is another message for the so called educators in the Waukee district and the Heartland Area Education Agency who believe they did nothing wrong and who are appealing the ruling against them over the matter by an administrative judge - you are in the wrong profession. Do something else which does not involve children. You lack the ability to understand when you are hurting them.

As reported in the DesMoines Register the 8 year old girl wet her pants and struggled to obey but still wasn't let out of the room. Her parents were shocked to see a video of their child in the room out of control even hitting herself. The parents withdrew the child from the school and retained legal counsel.

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