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Asperger's, Fraternities, and Personal Digital Legacy

Posted Oct 23 2008 2:10pm

How nice it was this week to be awarded a "Professor of the Month" Award by Phi Sigma Sigma, a sorority on the campus of Keene State College:

Img_2990 I immediately worried: Would the students involved discover by googling around that I was the prof on campus urging the college to shut down all frats?  Despite my occasional rants about the "Greek" system on campus (why support poorer grades and more source of conduct problems?)...I will say that at least one of my Asperger students, an engineering student now attending a well known engineering school in the U.S., is blossoming socially, in large part to his membership in a campus fraternity.  For all their downsides, Frats do provide instant "social networks" ...friends who accept you and hang out with you.  A therapist's dream come true, isn't it?  This is why we believe that colleges should adopt "peer mentoring" programs, in which college mentors serve as "social navigators" and friends to college students with AS.  You can read a free PdF copy of our chapter on Peer Mentoring if you don't feel like buying the entire book.

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