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Asperger's and Residential Programs Revisited

Posted Oct 23 2008 2:10pm 1 Comment

Summertime...and the living is easy.  Swan's Island, Maine is a 40 minute ferry right from Southwest Harbor (near Bar Harbor).   The General Store burned down a week ago, so you have to bring all your food in (except for lobsters, which you can purchase at the Fisherman's Coop).  I've been bicycling, kayaking, and swimming with my kid, but that's no reason not to edit my it?

I interviewed college student, Patrick, who contacted me after listening to a previous podcast on Residential programs for children with Asperger's.  He wanted to provide an alternative perspective from what he calls "the commercial" that psychologists and school officials tend to offer.

Click on the MP3 file below to hear today's podcast:

Download pr21_resprogramCritic.mp3 (2.47MB; 7mins,11secs)

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Dr. Welkowitz,

I listened with interest to your two podcasts relating to residential programs for kids with Asperger's.  My husband and I recently made the decision to consider a residential program for our 13 year old son.  It is a heartbreaking decision to even consider sending our child away but it is becoming increasingly obvious to us that our son's long term outlook for happiness and success is tied to his ability to manage himself in "the real world".  Our public school system, while excellent and supportive, is large (approx. 450 kids/grade) and cannot provide the intensive support system we think he needs right now.  Our search is just beginning, but your podcasts gave me some food for thought- we are definitely going to try and talk with kids at the school, as well as the staff, to get a sense of what's actually going on versus the pr managed face the school presents.  I'll be checking back to hear you again!



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