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App May Help Nab Handicap Parking Violators

Posted Oct 27 2011 1:03am

From Disability Scoop: App May Help Nab Handicap Parking Violators .

A smartphone app may soon be all that’s needed to crack down on illegal parking in handicap spots.

Officials in Austin, Texas are set to vote this week on a resolution that would allow residents to use an app to report handicap parking violators directly to law enforcement.

Under the plan, app users would take a photo of the offending vehicle and submit it to city officials who could send an officer to issue a ticket.

“The only way we’re going to be able to address the problem is if we enlist help from ordinary citizens,” Austin City Councilman Chris Riley told the Austin American-Statesman. To read more click here.

I bring this up because it is a bit of a pet peeve for me. There is a strip mall near where I live where I have often seen people parking in the handicap spot in violation of the law. The strange things I have noticed (in my small sampling, and totally anecdotal experience):

They are almost always SUV’s. Yes, those rugged outdoors people can’t walk the extra 10 feet from a different spot.

I see them in the early morning, when the parking lot is basically empty and other spots are, quite literally, only 10 feet away.

They are in front of the donut shop. Probably has something to do with the early morning times I spot them, but I always find the SUV/donut shop/not wanting to walk an extra 10 feet combination to be highly ironic.

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