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Anticure autistics review taxpayer subsidized research grants for autism

Posted Jun 20 2009 11:13pm
I see that by looking at john Elder Robison's blog that he has been picked as part of a panel to review research grants for autism that are paid with federal tax dollars. Robison has written a book "Look me in the Eye" concerning his conclusion well into adulthood that he has Asperger's syndrome. In the book he states that no cure is necessary for autism spectrum disorders. It also shows him pictured with fellow, anti-cure autistic Stephen Shore, the sole member of the IACC on the autistic spectrum. Shore was also part of this panel that reviewed grants for autism research subsidized by federal tax dollars.

It seemed strange to me that the Combating Autism Act was passed by congress, which was lobbied by CAN (the predecessor of Autism Speaks) and other pro-cure groups. The only intent of the act was to find ways to cure and prevent autism. The IACC grew out of the combating autism act which would make decisions on how to best dispense research dollars on projects that would find ways to cure and prevent autism. The law stated that one of the public board member of the IACC had to be on the autistic spectrum. Because of his prolific conference appearances, Shore came recommended to serve on the panel in spite of the fact he has publicly opposed a cure for autism. This seemed strange to me. It also seemed strange to me that neurodiversity proponents like Ari Ne'eman and Katie Miller would be allowed to testify before the IACC on the taxpayer's dime about how terrible a cure for autism would be and how they have some quick solutions. Now, the story gets uglier by the minute. We see Robison, someone who was married, had a kid, worked successfully for many years and did not find out he had Asperger's well into adulthood being chosen to be on a panel with Shore that reviews research grants to be applied to autistics such as myself and others. Probably 99.9% of us are far lower functioning than they are and at least some of us would like a cure.

The Combating autism act and the IACC and the federal government program that reviews how research dollars subsidized by tax dollars taken from us by force that decides who and what get funded, and by anti-cure autistics. Well another fine example of our tax dollars at work. *Sigh*.
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