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Another Gillian Poem

Posted Jun 16 2009 7:47pm
Thank you Gillian!!! You are amazing!


By Gillian Naysmith

Autism is a spectrum

from mild to severe,

1 in 100 children

are now on it somewhere.

Statistics are still rising

at an incredible rate,

so for an official diagnosis,

you may have to wait.

The therapists have waiting lists

which are a mile long,

early intervention is imperative,

so waiting seems so wrong.

This is the parents battle,

of which you are now a part,

you have to keep on pushing

for therapy to start

and when it comes to schooling,

it's more stress again,

if your child needs extra help,

it's 'who, what, why, where, when ?'

As your child gets older,

things may get tougher still.

You have to advocate for him,

because no-one else will.

You have to fight his corner,

get all the help you can,

no-one else would fight this hard

to help your little man.

Later on in life,

after school is done,

trying to find work,

may not be any fun.

So we need our Government

to make employers see,

our kids just need help,

to cope well socially.

So they need to do some training

and make employers aware,

Autism wouldn't keep them from work

if employment was more fair.

So you see a parents battle

is never really done,

until the fight for fairness,

for Autism we have won !
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