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and finally they're home!

Posted Aug 13 2009 7:51pm
We waited and waited .... even Tinkerbell knew something was happening ....

she kept me company - while we waited some more ........

and then suddenly from down the road, I heard their car ......... yes, I was right - it was THEIR car! They were home!! I jumped up to bark 'HELLO' - my little man was back! Hey, I know it's 6am in the morning but get into the house and let me give you a KISS!

and another one ...... and just another one .... Were we happy to be back together again??!! well, what do you think?
We'll be back tomorrow with tales of New Hampshire - of black bears and moose - of snakes, foxes and red squirrels! Getting to the top of Mount Washington and meeting a therapy dog in training!

Tales from the city - of Catie in the Copley and the swan boats and Barnes & Noble and Borders (guess whose holiday involved buying lots of books) and of course yellow t-shirts and sunflowers!!

and finally tales from Cape Cod - of whale-watching and beaches and glorious warm water, of swimming and eating ice-cream and loving every minute of their American holiday!!

Okay, I know I will have to be patient and give into them for a few days .... but this is a DOG blog so I have warned them - it has to have a dog or autism slant or they're in trouble but HEY, they're back so really I'll let them indulge in a little holiday reminiscencing for a day or two!
right now, Tinkerbell and me are trying to decide what we're meant to do with BO - the little toy dog of President Obama's dog that came home in the luggage!! Really, is that all we got??

Oops, better go find the little man ........
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