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American Airlines

Posted Nov 24 2012 1:47am

American Airlines

That 24 hours it was supposed to be until I saw my love, to celebrate his graduation from officer training, has Moncler Jackets melted into 48.

My first flight to San Francisco was delayed, then delayed and, no surprise, delayed twice more. While I certainly want American Airlines any and all mechanical issues to be resolved forthwith, I would have also enjoyed it if any of moncler jackets for women the eight American Airlines agents would have helped me make my puddle jumper connection to San Luis Obispo.

Then came the finale. She told me my connecting flight would be the last of the day to leave for San Luis Obispo. Not true -- there were two more I might have scootched into at that point. She pointed me toward the United terminal then and said snidely, "Wow, I hope your luggage gets there,

With that, she waved me away from the desk. So that how it cheap moncler jackets began.

And how it continued is that I missed my connecting flight by minutes -- in part because the three agents I asked to call my gate and alert them I was sprinting through two terminals at SFO and was told no. It didn help the security guy rolled his eyes at me and told me to hurry up. It wasn pretty. I wasn pretty. I was sweaty and running and had tears and mascara streaking my cheeks. If my therapist had been there, she would have given me a gallon of Rescue Remedy and asked me for a retainer of co-pays.

Thankfully, angels descendethed (?) in the form of United gate agents. One helped me get high-priority standby status, another made sure my suitcase would make it to my final destination long before I would. And after I waited four more hours for standby and didn make it on, another agent broke it down for me: it Moncler Outlet was in no way realistic I get out of there last night. He slid a seat confirmation for a flight at 7 this morning toward me. I arrive, fingers crossed 15 minutes before the ceremony.

I cried some more. I considered renting a car for approximately the same price of buying a college student donated, nubile eggs. I cried some more.

Lucky for me, the Not Boyfriend is sage and steady.

He encouraged me to cab it to his empty apartment and forget trying to drive four hours to him in the middle of the night. He assured me that he be happy no matter when I arrived. He called in the support crew -- his roommate to let me into the apartment, friends to confirm I could get a cab to his graduation.

I took him up on it. I thanked my stars I packed red lipstick and concealer in my purse. I slept for four hours and now, am trying it all again. I feel better, hopeful that I get there in the nick of time for the part that really matters. 

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