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Almond Chicken bake

Posted Jun 10 2009 12:00am
This is Khaled just after he started Montessori at age two and a half.

He has a few words, you can hear him label colors towards the end. He imitates. There is hand flapping but its not from any stimulus (i.e. he is not angry, sad, happy). His behaviour is odd and meaningless. We still don't have a diagnosis or want to admit he has Autism.

We are worried Khaled is not talking, he does not say mommy. He has lost the ability to say baba (for father - he used to say it at age 15 months and also could label colors, picture cards, had joint attention while reading a book). At the time of this video he wakes up at 4:30 or 5:00 am and frequently falls asleep in Montessori or on the way to Montessori at 8 am. He sleeps at 9pm or later at night. He has no joint attention or desire to play with us. When we attempt to, he runs away or starts doing rounds of the house, or runs in front of mirrors.

In a few months after this video Khaled will lose all labels, he stopped saying anything, no colors, no animals. Khaled became increasingly unhappy and started waking up at night and running around the house scared screaming (night terrors). His odd repetitive behavior will increase. He will get a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder and severe speech and cognitive delay.
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