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All I want for Christmas is my 4 year old potty trained (and a bottle of scotch)

Posted Nov 21 2008 2:50pm

Can someone please explain to me why my son decides that its totally kosher to shit his pants four minutes before his bus arrives to haul him to school? Does he have any idea how stressful it is to clean up poop, change his clothes, and get his shoes back on when I am in a time crunch like that? Obviously not seeing that he has been doing this every other day.

I am at my witts end with his potty training. The pee training has been a cinch. He is fully trained with very few pee accidents. He even sleeps in underwear at night and has never peed the bed once in almost 3 months of training. So why is it that he poops his pants every day? He’s maybe pooped on the potty a total of 10 times in 3 months. Otherwise its all been in his underwear or a pull-up. I am so tired of cleaning up poopy underwear. Read this people SO TIRED. I knew this was going to be rough but COME ON!

I feel like we have tried every method. We’ve tried DVD’s, trips to his favorite places ie Game stop and Super Target. We’ve tried no computer until he poops on the potty. Putting him in time out for pooping his pants. Ignoring his pooping completely. Playing video games on the potty. Bribery. Gold. A pony. Prayer. Lots and lots of prayer. Yet nothing has worked. I just don’t know what to do anymore. I am not buying that he isn’t ready to train because, well, he is trained other then the pooping his pants daily thing.

What do I do? Part of me wouldn’t even care if he pooped in the potty if we could time it and have him just go in a pull-up. But he goes at random times and never lets us know when he is going. Sometimes we can tell because he will hide and not want anyone to come around. Other times he will just shit where he is standing. I know potty training is supposed to take time but I feel we haven’t made a single ounce of progress when it comes to the deuces.

I really need a vacation.

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