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All going well, the boys well settled in after their first month inSpain .......

Posted Jul 11 2012 3:52pm
The boys are one month in Spain today .....

All is well, lots of things are different though .....

Access for assistance dogs is very hit and miss in the south of Spain where they are based. Murray has found that truly difficult - he is so used to having Clive with him all the time! The few local restaurants that have got to know us well will allow Clive in but they are making a big exception and do it because they know us well from visiting in previous years.

It's zero tolerance in the local shops and supermarkets but we visit Murray's uncle in his office often so Murray can have Clive with him in a public place.

Last week we did manage to find a restaurant that were really happy to meet Clive and Murray but I guess the fact that it was an Irish run restaurant made all the difference !

In fact in true proof that the world is a tiny place, we went to the restaurant after Murray's uncle who lives here had met the owner who only opened two months ago. They exchanged names and discovered that another one of Murray's uncles had been at boarding school with Aidan, the new owner of the restaurant.

While we were talking to Aidan we soon discovered that Murray's Mom is on the Board of Directors at Irish Autism Action with Aidan's brother-in-law Barry in Dublin.

Then a couple who were eating in the restaurant looked over and the wife came over and asked "is that Clive ?" She was the chairperson of a local branch of Irish Guide Dogs in Dublin and knows Clive's brother Clint well! Well, we couldn't believe meeting Georgina Bowers from the Rathdown Dun Laoghaire Branch of Irish Guide Dogs. Murray's Mom is on the Board of Directors of Irish Guide Dogs as well but it was Clive not Murray's Mom that Georgina recognised.

So Aidan's Bar & Grill in Cancelada was a great place to visit and we will certainly be going back!

In the meantime Murray and Clive are getting used to no Internet, not easy for Murray but after a month things have settled down. Murray spends hours on the computer at home so one of the great benefits of being away from home has been no Internet access . Not so great for his Mom when she is trying to blog and update Clive's Facebook page but really getting Murray weaned off the computer has been brillant!

Likewise he has had to get used to lots of new foods because he have told him some of his favourites are just not available here! No fish fingers for example, he just has to eat fresh prawns! He has been trying so many more new foods here because we have told him that is all that is available! Of course we could get the convenience food for him that he loves and we could get him Internet access but we have decided that this is a summer of change, some of which he will like, some of which he won't. But that at the end of the summer it really will have been better for him!

If only we could get access all areas for Clive on the Costa .....

- Clive & Murray

Another great benefit of our summer in Spain is getting to spend lots of time with Murray's cousin Kylian and Murray letting Kylian spend time with Clive! That has been huge also .....l
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