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Alex Spourdalakis and The Future

Posted Mar 01 2013 12:00am
Future Update 3/13: Alex remains in the hospital with his mother.

Update 3/12. Alex's Mom Dorothy Spourdalakis has a care plan meeting scheduled at the hospital - which, if she does not agree fully to the terms, will mean the removal of her son from her care and his being placed in DCFS

Managing Editor's Note: This comment from our John Stone is well worth repeating here on the main site.

I don't think in the history of AoA any story has struck such a chord as this one. Here we see the catastrophic future of our children - created by modern medicine, and well beyond its capacity to deal with. If it hasn't happened to us or them yet it, it assuredly will. This is the future a greedy industry and sychophantic crony government officials have created for us and our children - the complete failure of human institutions. Hell on earth.

Or we can think of those children in Chad , blamed for their reaction to the WHO meningitis vaccine, and shipped off to die in the desert for the greater good...

Posted by Age of Autism at March 12, 2013 at 5:44 AM in John Stone Permalink

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