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Age of Autism Contest: Vortex Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Free Color Changing Toothpaste!

Posted Apr 01 2012 12:00am

Vortex Managing Editor's Note: My Dad was a dentist. And I know how difficult Vortex tube oral healthcare can be for our families in the autism community. Vortex changes colors while brushing and contains the lowest fluoride  possible while still qualifying as a fluoride toothpaste. Vortex could be a fun way to encourage your kids to brush.  I asked about the colors in the toothpaste - they are in a smaller quantity than national brands like Crest - Dr. Wright told me, "my toothpaste has ¼ the coloration than standard toothpaste which comes out to 99.997% natural.   Natural colorants tend to stain teeth (I like wine but it makes your teeth stay red) so I can’t use them."

Leave a comment to win a sample - good luck! From the Vortex website:

Vortex teaches young people good oral hygiene habits.  Surveys show that Children using Vortex color changing toothpaste brush over two times longer then standard toothpaste.  In addition, because the twin colors of Vortex that when mixed turn purple, kids tend to brush in circles teaching at an early age the proper brushing motion.  Lastly, vortex with its Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) free formula is mild and doesn't burn or choke young patients, especially around the base of the tongue.  Children who use Vortex brush tend to more efficiently brush on the lingual aspect of the teeth, particularly near the distal aspect of the lower molars.   Click here for survey data

2)        Vortex formula is safe.  By removing the SLS we were able to reduce the amount of both the natural flavorings and the colorants by 75%.  The manufacturer in Muskegon Michigan thought I was crazy when I said he should reduce the amount of flavorings and colorants a second time by half.  But the fresh clean flavor and colors are subtly wonderful.   Xylitol at a concentration of 10% is a key ingredient to both acts as an agent that inhibits bacteria from creating acids that damage teeth and by acting as a natural sweetener.   Fluoride in Vortex is at a absolute minimum at 900 ppm.  If we reduced the fluoride any lower then 900ppm the FDA would not allow us to call Vortex a fluoride toothpaste.  Click here for ingredients

3)        Vortex has the lowest fluoride level while providing the highest Fluoride Anticavity protection. Research at Indiana University showed Vortex, with SLS free formula and balanced chemistry and 25% less fluoride, had over twice the anti-cavity protection than other toothpastes with a higher level of fluoride.  How can a 900 ppm children's toothpaste impart 2 ½ times more fluoride into a tooth surface than a standard 1200 ppm adult toothpaste?  It is a combination of wetability and a clean balanced Vortex formula.  The SLS that is in standard toothpaste covers the tooth surface with millions of tiny bubbles that inhibit the toothpaste's ability to contact the tooth.  Vortex SLS Free formula allows intimate contact between the toothpaste and the tooth surface allowing the fluorides to penetrate 2 ½ times more than standard toothpaste. Click here for test data 

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