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Age of Autism Contest Unlocking Jake: The Story of a Rabies Vaccine, Autism & Recovery

Posted Nov 01 2011 12:00am

Unlocking Jake Leave a comment to win a copy of Unlocking Jake: The Story of a Rabies Vaccine, Autism & Recovery by Jennifer Hitchinson.

The book is about a little boy who regressed into autism following a series of rabies vaccines when he was three and a half. Over a period of several weeks, he stopped speaking, feeding himself, and pottying. He stared, played with the same toys for hours, and had meltdowns. He flapped his hands, walked on his toes, and was terrified of thunderstorms and train whistles.

The book spans five years in the lives of Jake, his mother Ann, and his grandmother Jennifer, who tells the story … from the agony of watching Jake disappear into the world of autism to the joy of seeing him begin to recover.

Unlocking Jake is an inspiration and a source of hope and strength for families living with autism. Perhaps more important, it begs the question, “Are today’s childhood vaccines safe?”

Click Unlocking Jake The Story of a Rabies Vaccine, Autism and Recovery to purchase a copy.

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