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Age of Autism Contest: A Dozen GFCFSF Cupcakes from New Orleans' "Chasing Cupcakes!"

Posted Feb 07 2010 12:00am

Chasing cupcakes mom and son Leave a comment to win a dozen gluten free, casein free, egg free, agave sweetened, no artificial coloring cupcakes from in New Orleans. The winner will be able to speak with Chase Nugent about the cupcakes before shipping.

New Orleans Children taste King Cake for the First Time-
Thanks to a Local Mother Who Finds Her Niches as a Gluten-Free Baker:

NEW ORLEANS (February 5, 2010)- The brainchild of a working mom, the CUPCAKE KING CAKE was created to provide those who live with food allergies, diabetes, celiac disease, autism or special diets with delicious desserts rather than ones that taste like cardboard.

Chase Nugent is a veteran of the television and digital broadcast industry, and self described New Orleanian. In 2008, Chase’s son, John-John was diagnosed as having a gluten and casein allergy. So a nationwide search began to find John delicious gluten free/ casein free cupcakes. Her search turned up many recopies yet they were more like dry, tasteless softballs.

Unsuccessful in her pursuit of gluten-free/ casein-free cupcake perfection, Chase stopped the chase. Returned to the kitchen, and focused on creating a gluten-free/casein-free/ dairy free/ egg free/dye free/ vegan masterpiece.

The result, the CUPCAKE KING CAKE, created so that everyone can participate in the tastiness that is the king cake.

Make sure the next person to bring a King Cake to your party brings this one so everyone can enjoy it!




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