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Age of Autism Announces New, Safer, Doctor Approved Delivery Systems

Posted May 01 2010 12:00am
After much soul searching, Dan, Mark and I have come to a decision regarding Age of Autism. Instead of using the very dangerous Internets, Age of Autism will now be delivered in several new media. Well, old media. You may choose your delivery method from the selections below.

Retro carrier pigeon

We apologize if this method leaves any poop on your floor, but honestly, you already have bleach and Lysol at home, don't you?

Retro telegram

If it was good enough for your Granddaddy it's good enough for you! (Black magic marker for censoring included!)

Retro phone fashion hats

Each of us here at AoA will take turns calling you to read you our posts. Please spring for call waiting, we hate busy signals.

Kukla fran

Also, we may be a bit late for our presentation at Autism One at the end of May since tomorrow we will be busy re-enacting all content on the very, very, very, very naughty YouTube onto Kodak slides so that we never have to expose you to the dangerous YouTube again. Ask your father-in-law if he has a spare slide carousel in the cellar, won't you?

Now if you'd please go open your front door and holler out your preferrred delivery method for Age of Autism, I'll start jotting down a list. I'm in Connecticut, so turn this way. No, that way. Whatever.


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