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ABC Nightline To Feature Controversial Shock Treatment at Judge Rotenberg Center in Massachusetts

Posted Jun 30 2010 12:00am 2 Comments

Shock Watch ABC Nightline Tonight and go to ABC News HERE  to learn more. Students at the Judge Rotenberg School  in Massachusetts are subjected to electric shocks, with parental knowledge and approval. This school has been part of an ongoing debate on how to manage behavior, treatments for behaviors and the human rights of children. (As an aside, I grew up in Attleboro, Massachusetts and Judge Rotenberg played golf with my father at Highland Country Club. Rumor has it Judge Ernie played about as honestly as Judge Smails in CaddyShack. KS)

MDRI to be featured on ABC Nightline scheduled to air tonight

MDRI documents torture against children and adults with disabilities living at a Massachusetts residential school and files “urgent appeal” to United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture

Washington, DC – June 30, 2010 - Mental Disability Rights International’s (MDRI) latest report and “urgent appeal” to the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture, to demand the United States government end the torture of people with disabilities immediately, will be the topic of tonight’s ABC Nightline.Torture not Treatment: Electric Shock and Long-Term Restraint in the United States on Children and Adults with Disabilities at the Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC), documents the use of electric shocks on the legs, arms, torsos and soles of feet of children and adults with disabilities – for weeks, months and sometimes years. JRC uses punishments as treatment and US advocates have been trying for decades to close the school and end these practices.

Nightline host, Cynthia McFadden, interviewed MDRI Executive Director Eric Rosenthal, JD and the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture, Manfred Nowak for the piece.

Laurie Ahern, President of MDRI and author of the report, states, “The cruelty perpetrated against children and adults at JRC is psychological and physical abuse, couched in the name of ‘treatment.’ The severe pain and suffering leveled against residents there violates the United Nations Convention against Torture.”

MDRI is an international human rights organization dedicated to the rights protection and full participation in society of people with disabilities worldwide.

ABC Nightline airs at 11:30 pm EST, following your local news. Be sure and check your local listings.

Thank you to Derrick Jeffries for keeping us informed.

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This is not right. Where is the observance of patient's rights here? Oh my-gosh you have to be kidding me, shock treatments for children. Look, I am all for having the ability to spank your child, but shocking them is crossing the line. This is among the forms of punishment being used at the Judge Rotenberg Center for children. They justify it by saying it is better than the kid causing harm to themselves or others. That is like comparing Apples and Oranges. Using that excuse to rationalize shock treatments is like saying rape is better than murder. They're not one within the very same and cannot be treated as that.
I cannot even believe these people are not in jail. This is beyound cruel and unusual punishment. It is torture. If I were a parent there I would not stop until all of them rotted in jail. It is sick and twisted. Unbelievable. Has Hitler been reincarnated in MA? You can hear them screaming in pain while they are being tortured. This is not therapy and anyone who thinks it is has perhaps studied under a serial killer or a complete psychopath with a God complex. The president needs to step in immediately and put a stop to this. These people are criminals...sick twisted criminals and that is all they are. It reminds me of a case that two parents, who consequently are in jail as we speak, were using a shock collar on their own child. This is beyound evil. It is causing irreverseable damage that would traumatize anyone for life. Anyone who thinks electricuting someone is therapy needs to be electricuted. I am appalled, disgusted, grieved and shocked; not only that anyone could be so cruel to do that to another human being and listen to them reeling in pain, but to be demonic enough to call it therapy. Any smart lawyer would jump on this band wagon because these people will be paying out their noses until their grandchildren are dead. God help the person who thinks that they could ever do that to one of my family members and not pay for such a completely evil act against another human being. They took paddling out of schools in Ohio because it was too barbaric and they think torturing someone isn't. Why even call it shocking? Let's call it what it is. Is electricty not used as a primary form of torture through out the world at times of war?? Do they not use electricity to kill people??? I have been electricuted and it was traumatic and extremely painful.  I think all of those people need to go through what they have put other people through and then lets ask them how theraputic it was??? What the heck is wrong with this country. Those people are the ones that are insane...lock them up and throw away the key.
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