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ABA and Autism's Biggest Myth - Conor Counts the Days to Middle School

Posted Sep 06 2009 10:04pm

Conor has been counting down the days to school much of which is based on ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) instruction in a room alone with an ABA trained (UNB-CEL Autism Intervention Training) Education Assistant. Conor loves school, including his ABA, as I have written about several times.

Today at about 6:30 am Conor came and got Dad to tell me " 2 more days to Middle School". He has been asking about (Nashwaaksis) Middle School for the past few weeks. Some mornings he gets up and grabs his school lunch bag off the top of the fridge ( top picture, above ) telling us clearly that he wants to get back to school. He has also been joking about school, making comments about Conor going to Nashwaaksis Memorial where he attended grade school. When we agree he laughs and says " Noooooooo Memorial ... MIDDDDDLE School!".

The bottom picture, above, is a re-post of a perfect attendance record from his first year at Nashwaaksis Middle School, 2 years ago. Last year Conor missed a couple of days because of flu and because of a dental operation so he didn't get the perfect attendance certificate but he still came pretty close.

Those who allege that ABA turns children robotic, or is otherwise abusive, are creating a myth, Autism's Biggest Myth. They have no evidence, no studies, on which to base this myth. It is just the opinion of people with very little real exposure to ABA. Conor has loved the ABA instruction he has received. Because of the determined Autism Advocacy of some dedicated parents here in New Brunswick and a government that listened, both to parents and to the decades of research supporting the efficacy of ABA as an autism intervention, Conor has been able to receive ABA based instruction in school for the past several years ... and he loves every minute of it.

To Michelle Dawson and other spreaders of Autism's Biggest Myth... you are wrong .... and you have nothing to back up your prejudiced opinions about ABA. Your opinion about ABA effectiveness is rebutted by hundreds of studies and dozens of credible professional reviews. Your myth about ABA abuse of autistic children is rebutted by .... Conor's very expert, very well informed, opinion.

NOTE: Even as I am writing this comment Conor came in to the kitchen from the back step where he is playing with water balloons to say " Middle School Breakfast" to his mother. He wasn't telling her he wanted breakfast ... he was telling her what was on his mind ... getting back to school.


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