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AAP Takes Two Steps Forward, One Step Back [Amended]

Posted Aug 24 2008 7:08pm
[FINAL UPDATE: Apparently the missing paragraph was some sort of over site and is now back on the page. Stan has checked into tell us that everything is going well with the AAP. Yay! Sorry for causing any worry!

[UPDATE: From what I can put together this change was made only a few hours after the statement was released (probably morning of April 2) and as such it probably does not represent a positional change. Since this was well before the DAN conference, I don't think it means much. Whew.]

This just in from Pamela Felice:

The AAP has removed the last paragraph from their original press release that they are working with DAN!.

This paragraph specifically:

“Autism is a challenge for pediatricians, their patients and families. By working together, we stand the best chance of helping these children to realize their full potential,” Dr. Jenkins said. “The Academy is committed to working with researchers and treatment groups like Defeat Autism Now! to get closer to finding answers to the multiple causes of autism and determining effective therapies."

although it is still dated April 1 .

This is interesting...and disheartening. I told my husband that something didn't add after watching Tayloe on the Larry King debate. The AAP can not stand on safety to the point of out right lying and then be sincere about working with DAN!


I gotta wonder what those meetings inside the AAP are like right now. Clearly they have some decisions to make and waffling like this does not present a united front.

Again... rise up wise and prudent pediatricians and demand that your leadership cut the crap and do the right thing.

UPDATE: I am told through some back channels that things between DAN! and the AAP are going smoothly and progressing. I very much want that to be true. But you know me, I am from Missouri now. Show me.
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