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AAP Calls For Better Chemical Risk Management. Now That's Funny.

Posted Apr 01 2011 12:00am

Dr. poison  
By Julie Obradovic

In a slap yourself on the forehead, jaw-dropping, eye-popping, breath-taking, head-shaking, make-you-laugh-in-disgust hypocritical move, the American Academy of Pediatrics has issued a press release ( HERE ) accusing the U.S. of being too lax with managing and identifying the dangers of hazardous chemicals for children. 

Yes. The AAP. 

The same organization that I blogged about ( HERE ) that shared an internal email ( HERE ) among their leadership about how to handle the fact that they didn't realize there was more mercury being injected into kids than they thought (their words) (or how it manifested as poisoning, or how much of it actually caused poisoning, or how much of it could even be called "safe"), and rather than screaming from the roof-tops for an urgent recall and assessment of damage to the children overly exposed because of their oversight, decided to go along with the PHS (Public Health Service) and quietly try to get themselves out of the mess without hurting themselves, their doctors, or the vaccination program.

Yes. Them. That AAP. The people who put themselves and the vaccination program at more of a priority than the very children they serve. First, they threw them under the bus. Then they left them there. Then they failed to call an ambulance. Then they blamed more and more parents for not teaching their kids how to cross the street. And now they want the US Government to put up better road signs.

Are you kidding me?

If I weren't so disgusted by this hypocrisy, I would be thrilled. It is a good thing after all, that they find the toxic world in which are children are being raised a problem. It is a good thing after all, that they would like those with the authority to do something about it to do something. I suppose I should applaud.

But I can't. Because I think it takes a hell of a lot of nerve to accuse the US Government of failing to protect children from hazardous chemicals when they haven't even bothered yet to do the same thing themselves. (Chemicals, mind you, that they INJECT into children every day.) And given their track record of how they handled the situation when they had the opportunity to, they ought to be ashamed. 

Now, don't get me wrong; I don't have the US government's back on this either. They failed and continue to fail our children equally. But perhaps the AAP would be better served by first assessing their own failure to protect our kids and take their own advice about how to do that. A bite of humble pie might serve them well.

For example, when they suggest to the US Government...

"The regulation of chemicals must be based on evidence, but decisions to ban chemicals should be based on reasonable levels of concern rather than demonstrated harm."... I'm curious. Why doesn't that apply to Thimerosal? Because to date, no one has banned this chemical for children or pregnant women, and there's a very reasonable level of concern that they should. See, it's poison. It's a neurotoxin. And no amount of it has ever been found safe. And the studies you site to try and tell us it is; they're all over the place. Some say it's good. Some say it's bad. Some say it makes you smart. Some imply it prevents Autism. (And now, some were done by a man indicted by the US Department of Justice for fraud ( HERE .) Go ahead anyone reading this and look for yourselves ( HERE ). They're ridiculous! And yet, you still inject it into kids every day in combination with aluminum, the one thing it's not supposed to be combined with HERE ( HERE ). 

Furthermore, AAP, not only have you not banned it based on a reasonable level of concern, you have actively fought parents who have tried! You have thwarted every effort on our behalf to do so! You're PREVENTING a mercury-based neurotoxin from being banned! Good God, AAP! Do you not see a problem here?

And when you suggest this to the US Government...

"Any testing of chemicals should include the impact on women and children, Thimerosal bottle   including potential effects on reproduction and development".... I'm also curious. Any chance you want to do those studies on Thimerosal? With BIOLOGICAL tests, not epidemiological ones that look backwards at selective populations and are subject to statistical manipulation?

And when you say,

"Chemicals should meet safety standards similar to those met by pharmaceuticals or pesticide residues on food."... Do you realize there is no safety standard for Thimerosal? That the FDA has never provided one, and that you have never demanded of them that they do?

And do you really mean it when you say,

"There should be post-marketing surveillance of chemicals, and the EPA must have the authority to remove a chemical if needed."? Because I think the EPA has no problem banning mercury in an injectable form tomorrow if they had the authority. Are you sure you want them to have that power? And would you really support them if they did?

And finally, when you suggest,

"Federal funding should be provided for research to prevent, identify, and evaluate the effects of chemicals on children's health",  do you realize that you have an entire country of 25 year olds and younger showing you what the effects have been? As a mother without any federal funding, I'll make it nice and clear for you what happens to a child who is severely mercury poisoned in infancy. She becomes sick and suffers chronic and repeated illness. She gets soft joints and loses muscle tone, and can do the chinese splits. She never learns to crawl, has rapid head growth, and drools incesently. Loud noises and bright lights drive her crazy. She loses the ability to speak, sleep or poop properly. She suffers from seizures, walks with a gait, has no idea how to play with a doll, and loses a third of her IQ. Social relationships are hard, if possible, and it takes every ounce of energy, prayer, and intelligence on the behalf of those who love her to get her back the life potential bestowed upon her at birth. That, and a freaking $13 dollar bottle of DMSA available over the counter that you have now demonized as more dangerous than the damned mercury you injected her with in the first place. 

The whole thing makes me sick.

Bottom line: The last 11 years of poisoning could have been prevented had you chosen to do something about it when you became aware of your mistake. Had you been honest and apologetic and committed to our kids recovery, you'd have been forgiven by now. And Merck, who knew back in 1991 ( HERE ) of the problem and failed to tell you? You could have sued the pants off of them and put them out of business on behalf of our kids. They threw you under the bus, and because of it, they allowed you to do the same to ours! And you still do business with these people!

But you didn't sue them, did you? You didn't do anything. No, you did worse than that. You chose to protect yourselves over our children and now have the audacity to suggest other people are failing worse than you have. And the fact you don't even realize this? Well, I wish I could say I'm surprised, but I'm not. People who cause an accident, leave the scene of a crime, deny they had anything to do with it, and blame the victims for their suffering aren't usually recognized for having a whole lot of integrity or intelligence in the first place.

Julie Obradovic is a Contributing Editor to Age of Autism.

Posted by Age of Autism at April 28, 2011 at 5:47 AM in Julie Obradovic Permalink

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