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A Vasectomy for Christmas

Posted Oct 23 2008 6:12pm

When I got pregnant with Keaton we had no intentions of ever having another child after he was born. Especially those last weeks when I got huge and my back hurt so much I wanted to kill someone. And even more so when I had Keaton and ended up with a spinal headache. I haven’t even mentioned what a crabby baby Keaton was. Although his current personality more then makes up for how he tortured me the first 6 months of his life. If you haven’t gotten the point yet, we were pretty set on only having two kids.

Last fall some talk started on us maybe expanding our clan to include one more. I think it was the combination of us still being pretty caught up in baby mode anyway, me wanting a girl, and John thinking the name Tripp would be bad ass if we had another boy. We decided we’d start trying in February. That never happened because I told John we would need a bigger car. John thought it was perfectly okay to take two trips everywhere we go. Yeah, seriously, he is so dumb sometimes.

We’ve gone back and forth on having another for months. Finally we decided we don’t want to have anymore. The kids are getting older. I can see us out of diapers in just a few months. Keaton starts Kindergarten in just 3 years which means I can go back to school or get a job. The kids are both becoming more independent. I can actually get things done and I’m sleeping so much more. Financially its easier to put two kids through college, buy two kids name brand clothes so they are cool in Jr. High. Send two kids to karate, piano, computer camp, and little league.

So John’s going in for the big V-section sometime soon and our baby days will be left in the dust. Hopefully he isn’t too whiny. I’m already dreading the “ohhh my junk hurts” comments. I’ll sneak some of his pain meds, that’ll help me through.

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