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A "Refrigerator Mother" Adult with Autism Speaks Out

Posted Jul 01 2009 12:00am

Open refrigerator Managing Editor's Note: It has been my pleasure to get to know Roger Kulp, an adult with autism. Here he tell us in his own words what autism has meant and done to him. If you can offer a referral to a primary care physician (Albuquerque area) who would assist him, one who understands that autism is not simply a behavioral diagnosis and can manage his care and help him get to The Cleveland Clinic, please do so in the comments.  Thank you readers. And thank you, Roger. 

By Roger Kulp


I have been interested in trying to contact you for quite a while. If you want to  publish this email at AoA I give you permission to do so.Actually this is more of a cry for help than anything else.

There is a lot that I don't like about AoA,but what bugs me the most is the fact you concentrate exclusively on children.There is this whole mindset that there were no autistic children who ever had severe biomedical issues, mitochondrial disease, inflammatory disease,what have you before there was thimerosol,or the current vaccine schedule in the late 1980s.When there were always autistics who had these problems, we just didn't recognize them.

As we have discovered that these diseases exist alongside autism,and may even cause it,the response should have been "Yes,let's take care of the children,but let's try to find out how many  AUTISTIC ADULTS  are out there,who have been suffering with these diseases for years,but have never been diagnosed."

Especially ,since we now know,that in many cases,it isn't so much what is  in  the vaccines,but what the shock of receiving so many vaccines so early does to the children,and that the same sort of shock can occur in unvaccinated children,who have suffered acute infection,as infants or toddlers.

This is vaccines,but it is a universe removed from mercury and thimerosol.Babies were always getting acute infections,and a lot of those who did not die developed autism.Only now do we know this.

I had acute bacterial meningitis with pulmonary complications,at five months of age.

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