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A New Blog For A New year

Posted Aug 25 2008 6:23pm
Happy New Year Friends!

As you may have noticed as of late, more and more of my Autism Blogging is also God Blogging. Because I have much more to say on the God side than is autism specific, I have launched a new blog called Daily Discernment.

It will be much of the same me that you know from here, writing much the same way I do here, except instead of taking a hard look at the American Medicine in its relationship to autism, I will be looking at the American Church and its relationship to the actual truth and direction of God.

The visible church is falling down on the job much the same way main stream medicine is.

Neither are operating according to their own mandates, and neither are proving to be very teachable.

So, like autism, it is time to go back to the beginning, take a look at what is actually going on in the church and measure it against The Truth.

If you have enjoyed my God Blogging here, please visit me at
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